Do it your own way, the way you've been doing.

Since Tadhg has turned the discussion of interactive storytelling into a fucking quagmire, I vote we move on to something more interesting: Interactive Haikus!

    Jump on a Goomba,
    Jump! Jump! Jump!
    You fell in a hole.

Me, playing Super Haiku Bros, yesterday. Here, I'm using the rather non-existant unpopular 5,3,5 syllable structure.

Seriously though, I hope all this discussion with its constant re-definition of battle grounds terms doesn't see us forget that we don't have to fulfill any grand Crawfordian dream with what we do. We can do anything from "interactive dance" to "interactive history", and not even have to give it a name, and still be equally artistically justified and bankrupt simultaneously.

I just feel like we've propped up a target for ourselves, and it's paper thin.

Just make anything you want. Find your own way... Your own path... through... hnnng... possibility. *gagh*.

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