Who does Huey Lewis ride with..oh that's right the NEWS

Hi, It's Tommy. I've been damn busy over the last few months rewriting engine stuff (basically rewrote about 90% of the code base...in August) but have some stuff to announce. There's a new video for Goo, it is below. It was too big to stick on YouTube (can anyone explain the 10 minute restriction on me...the video was 95MB so that wasn't a problem as they cap at 100MB) so yea, it's hosted on the website now. I'll probably chop it up into two parts later on and post it on YouTube but for now it's on my server. Enjoy.

To watch the higher res version, and find out how you to can embed this video into your crappy blog go to http://goo.pillowfortgames.com/.

In other news, After around a 42 hour crunch during which time I took no break (aside from eating and showering) Goo made it into IGF. Hoorray and what not. I think we have a decent chance to get at least a nomination, but there are some really nice looking and creative games this year...so it's going to be a hell of a competition. Wish us luck...you're not wishing hard enough...I can't feel it...Good..that's better...keep that up.

In other other news, we sent a new build to Microsoft on Monday...and that is all I can say at this point...WOOO SECRETS!

In other other other news, Amorphous is no longer Amorphous. It is now called PillowFort (cute huh?) and as such a new, functional website (no more splash pages) along with a website for Goo will be up hopefully by next Friday. The URLs are http://www.pillowfortgames.com/ and http://goo.pillowfortgames.com/. So yes, to all 8 of you that read this blog, here's your news. Don't really expect another post from me for a very long time. Stop crying, it's for the best.